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The City of Statesville’s ban on burning remains in effect.

While Iredell County has lifted the burn ban for unincorporated areas and the towns of Harmony, Love Valley and Troutman, the ban remains in effect inside the Statesville city limits until further notice.

The ban applies to all open burning regardless of the issuance of a permit, including “Recreational Fires, Portable Outdoor Fireplaces, and Outdoor Fire Pits,” including within 100 feet of an occupied dwelling.

The open burning ban authorized by the City of Statesville is per North Carolina Fire Code, Chapter 3, Section 307, “shall be prohibited when atmospheric conditions or local circumstances make such fires hazardous” and to prevent the potential for increased fire hazards due to extremely dry weather conditions in the city limits of Statesville.

The Fire Marshal’s Office will issue an update on Monday, December 13.


Questions concerning the local ban can be directed to the City of Statesville Fire Department by calling (704) 878-3425. 

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