Viewpoint: The best thing I saw last week was the public recognition of a lifetime of service

BY MIKE FUHRMAN The best thing I saw last week was a community taking time to honor a man who has devoted 50 years of his life to helping families


Viewpoint: School bonds will help MGSD alleviate overcrowding in elementary, middle schools

To Our Community: Since the bond referendum has been placed on the March 3 ballot, we have heard a recurring question from those in our community who are supportive of


Viewpoint: Crowdfunding policy necessary to protect school district and its employees

BY MARTIN PAGE Crowdfunding is the practice of using online sites to solicit donations, whether monetary or in-kind. A crowdfunding campaign is considered to be on behalf of the school


Viewpoint: A fitting tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

BY MIKE FUHRMAN Brian Summers honored the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. in a most fitting fashion on a chilly Monday morning. As community residents and elected officials left


Viewpoint: Second Amendment resolution demonstrates our commitment to protecting constitutional rights

BY DARREN CAMPBELL An oath is a solemn calling upon God to witness that one sincerely intends to do what one says. An oath is something that I have taken


Viewpoint: Imagine a world in which Dr. King’s dream comes to complete fullness and fruition

EDITOR’S NOTE: LaToya Caesar delivered a slightly abridged version of this speech on Friday evening during the Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration at Mitchell Community College. BY LaTOYA CAESAR It’s


Viewpoint: Unending grief, unanswered questions and a call to action

BY MIKE FUHRMAN My parents taught me how to read, how to ride a bike and how to mow the grass when I was a kid. By the time I


Viewpoint: The best thing I saw this week was the ‘Happiest Place on Earth’ (Photo Gallery & Video)

BY MIKE FUHRMAN If you’re going to call your last-day-before-Christmas-vacation extravaganza the “Happiest Place on Earth,” you better deliver the goods. The staff and community supporters at N.B. Mills Elementary


Viewpoint: The best thing I saw this week was also tinged with sadness

BY MIKE FUHRMAN The best thing I saw this week was preceded by a sense of profound sadness. Nearly three weeks after retired U.S. Air Force Master Sgt. Leslie Denise


Viewpoint: I-SS board putting its credibility on the line in expected vote over funding for IB program at Statesville High

BY MIKE FUHRMAN When it reconvenes on Monday evening, the Iredell-Statesville Board of Education will likely delay or deny a request by district administrators to help fund expansion of the


Viewpoint: The best thing I saw this week was a video of Bryson Patton rocking the stage at Scotts Elementary

BY MIKE FUHRMAN I’ve never met 7-year-old Bryson Patton, but after watching his performance this week at Scotts Elementary School he’s become one of my favorite little people on the


Viewpoint: The best thing I saw all week was the generosity of the Mount Mourne IB School family (Videos)

BY MIKE FUHRMAN Mount Mourne IB School students weren’t expecting media coverage or a reward for their good deeds. They were excited nonetheless as they dropped off 80 gift baskets


Viewpoint: The best thing I saw this week featured the Mooresville Middle School Red Imps

The undefeated Mooresville Middle School Red Imps football team poses for a photo at Tuesday’s Mooresville Graded Schools Board of Education meeting. BY MIKE FUHRMAN Scott Van Pelt often leads