To the Editor:

I’m writing this in the hope that many will read it and respond appropriately. The N.C. General Assembly is still working on the State Budget that was due before the fiscal year ended on June 30, 2023. It is being held hostage by the casino lobby and those who have benefited from legalized gambling. At this time, a budget has not been passed only because some are working extremely hard to keep the addition of four casinos to become law.

Many of our representatives and senators are telling how much of the taxpayers money will be coming back to their district only in an attempt to justify voting to allow four more casinos in our State.

The State of North Carolina has a huge surplus of revenue at this time which goes to show we are already collecting enough tax revenue. Gambling revenues are a regressive tax that affect the poorest citizens the most. In these trying times of layoffs and extreme inflation, this is a terrible idea.

If casinos are such a great opportunity for the state, I would suspect the General Assembly could remove this item from the budget. This should be left up to the voters of North Carolina to decide.

Tell your friends and neighbors about what’s happening in Raleigh, and let our members of the General Assembly know how their constituents feel. Primary elections will be taking place in March of 2024. It’s past time to elect a government of the people, for the people and by the people!

Mark Cash

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