Pictured above left to right are Davis Regional Medical Center Exercise Specialists Kevin, Morgan, Leslie and Eric.

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Davis Regional Medical Center’s Rehabilitation Services observed Cardiac Rehab Week from February 14-20 with an emphasis on “Beating Strong & Living Long.”

Davis Regional offers a North Carolina state-certified Cardiac Phase II rehabilitation program. This program is designed to target the entirety of the patient’s wellness following a traumatic cardiac event, as well as chronic cardiac-related issues. Patients have sessions three times per week for 12 to 18 weeks in the outpatient Physical Therapy Department ‘s on-site rehabilitation gym. The rehab gym offers treadmills, bikes, rowing machines, seated ellipticals, and a variety of weight equipment and free weights.

Participating patients are guided by a team of specially trained exercise physiologists with more than 50 years of combined experience who provide 1-to-1 care. Through a custom plan of cardiovascular exercise, strength training, nutrition, and group support, the program helps patients make lifestyle changes needed to return to activities of daily living. 

Davis Regional also features a 20-foot-by-40-foot heated indoor exercise pool for some patients to learn aquatics activities to regain confidence to have independent fitness goals.

Davis Regional Cardiac Rehabilitation is offered Monday- Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. To qualify to participate in the program, a patient must have a doctor’s order with a covered diagnosis such as heart attack with stent placement, coronary artery bypass graft, heart valve repair or replacement heart transplant, PTCA, stable angina, or Congestive Heart Failure.

Davis Regional strives to raise awareness in preventing heart disease. A cardiologist at Davis Regional Medical Group can assist you if you feel you need to be evaluated.


To contact Davis Regional Rehabilitation call 704-838-7620 or visit www.davisregional.com. To make an appointment with a Davis Medical Group Cardiologist for a referral please call 704-878-2058 or visit www.davismedicalgroup.com.

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