Troutman firefighters were called to Iredell Memorial Gardens after high winds sparked several fires on the cemetery grounds prior to a luminary ceremony on Saturday evening.

Nearly 2,000 bags had been filled with candles for the cemetery’s annual luminary ceremony.

Firefighters had to extinguish several small fires. Other fires were doused by cemetery staff and volunteers.

No injuries were reported.

1 thought on “Troutman firefighters extinguish grass fires before luminary ceremony at Iredell Memorial Gardens

  1. My question: I understand it is for a memorial service, but that service could have been switched to a rain date.
    Who’s idea was it to go ahead with the service with candles lit KNOWING IT WAS WINDY AS HELL THAT DAY?
    DO NOT let that person make decisions any more! That could very well have turned into a lot worse with flying embers!

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