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The City of Statesville will hold a public meeting on Tuesday, November 17, to unveil the Master Plan for the Shelton Avenue Linear Park. The public is invited to the drop-in meeting at the Bentley Community Center, located at 324 Wilmington Avenue, from 6 to 8 p.m., to view and discuss the proposed uses and features for the new park.

The proposed multi-use path and linear park was first identified as part of the Downtown & NC 115 Streetscape/Land Use Master Plan prepared in 2009.

In the past year, the Planning Department has created an advisory committee to oversee the process and received input from the community on the planning and design of the facility. Those ideas have been incorporated into the proposed design that the public can view and comment on Tuesday.

The public will be asked to wear a mask and social distancing will be observed.

4 thoughts on “City of Statesville to unveil master plan for Shelton Avenue Linear Park on November 17

    • john w pimiento says:

      Statesville needs a diferent look. I’ve lived for over 25 years in this town and am motivated to see changes. We have I40 & I77 as potential to be atractive for more business and the oportunity of more jobs.

  1. Dr. Joseph Glasgow says:

    Any input from city residents who are impacted? In any case, the first step in planning for public participation is to ensure that you are seeking to obtain and use public input and not merely seeking public buy-in to an already determined outcome. If there is little or no room for public influence over the decision made, then public participation is not a reasonable option for your project. Instead, you should consider a public information or public relations project appropriate to your needs, then timing and circumstances remains paramount.

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