EDITOR’S NOTE: This article has been updated from an earlier version.


The Iredell County Health Department reported 119 new cases of COVID-19 on Monday afternoon, increasing the total number of laboratory confirmed cases in the county to 1,149.

Among those cases:

♦ 464 people who have tested positive are isolating at home;
26 people are currently hospitalized;
647 are presumed recovered; and
12 people have died

The number of people hospitalized in the county increased by two and the number of people isolating at home increased by 64.

1 thought on “COVID-19 Update: Iredell health officials report 119 new cases; 26 people currently hospitalized in county

  1. Katie Smith says:

    With the virtual learning, do they plan on sending packets home like they did with the elementary and middle schoolers at the beginning of all this? If my son has to sit at a computer most of the day, his progress will be at a stand still. These kids need paperwork and projects to do outside of screen time.

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