Iredell County Sheriff Darren Campbell plans to work out of the ICSO’s new Mooresville office two days each week.


The Iredell County Sheriff’s Office has moved into its new office space in Mooresville.

The new space — located on the second floor of Government Center South at 610 East Center Street — was needed to meet the needs of the county’s populous south end.

“Customer service is my number one priority,” Sheriff Darren Campbell said.

Deputies who have been forced to share workspace in the old 1,000-square-foot office on the building’s first floor will now have four times as much space. And Campbell will also have his own office, where he plans to work two days each week.

In the old space, it was difficult to coordinate interviews with suspects, witnesses and crime victims. In the new space, there are additional interview rooms with audio and video equipment.

“We’ve not had that ability here in the past,” Campbell said. “People had to drive to Statesville so that we could be compliant with general statutes when getting statements.”

The sheriff will also add staff to the Mooresville office to better serve his constituents.

“We need the extra help with gun permits now,” Campbell said. “In July, we had double the amount from all of last year on concealed carry applications alone.”

The new office also has a decontamination area for deputies to utilize after they come in contact with biohazards while on the job.

Captain Brian Fink appreciates the move and everything that comes along with it.

“I think we needed it,” he said. ”We’ve done the best we could have with what we got.”

The large increase in the number of residents in the south end of the county — and increase in demand for service — made the expansion necessary.

“We’re catching up with the population cluster,” Fink said. “This gives us the ability to provide better service. We can be a lot more hands on.”

Campbell expressed his gratitude to the Iredell County Board of Commissioners and County Manager Beth Jones for facilitating the improvements.

“They helped us repurpose abandoned space that the county’s had for years into a place where citizens can come and benefit,” he said,” Campbell said. “We are committed to giving everyone top-tier customer service.”

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