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RALEIGH — Gov. Roy Cooper is encouraging North Carolinians who need health insurance for 2021 to take action before the December 15 deadline and enroll or re-enroll for coverage through the federal Health Insurance Marketplace at HealthCare.gov.

Most people who sign up for coverage get help paying for their premiums and may also be able to get help with co-payments and deductibles.

“This pandemic is shining a light on the need for affordable healthcare for North Carolinians,” Cooper said. “People who still need health insurance should see what they qualify for and sign up as soon as possible.”

The federal Marketplace is a way for people to find health coverage that meets their needs and fits their budget. At HealthCare.gov, North Carolinians can compare plans based on price, benefits and other features.

Importantly, coverage cannot be denied because of pre-existing or chronic conditions like cancer or diabetes.

Health care through the federal Marketplace lets North Carolinians go to a doctor for regular check-ups, and every health plan offers essential benefits such as sick visits, preventive care, hospitalization, prescriptions and more.

Enrollment for the federal Marketplace ends Tuesday, December 15. Those who had coverage for 2020 through HealthCare.gov should log in to their Marketplace account as soon as possible to review their options and re-enroll or select a new plan for 2021.

“Sadly like other states which haven’t expanded Medicaid, North Carolina continues to have one of the highest rates of people without health insurance,” said N.C. Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Dr. Mandy Cohen. “I strongly encourage all people who don’t have insurance to visit HealthCare.gov to see what quality health insurance coverage options are available before December 15th. Most people will qualify for subsidies to help make the coverage more affordable.”

Last year, more than 500,000 North Carolinians signed up for health insurance through the federal Marketplace. However, many more people who could benefit from this coverage did not enroll. Anyone who does not have sufficient health insurance through their employer or other means should go to HealthCare.gov before December 15 to enroll and get covered for 2021.

North Carolinians seeking free assistance navigating the Marketplace application process can visit the NC Navigator Consortium website or call the toll-free NC Navigator Helpline at 1-855-733-3711.


For more information on the federal Health Insurance Marketplace, visit HealthCare.gov.

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