Special to Iredell Free News

N.C. Sen. Vickie Sawyer recently received a 94 percent business rating by the North Carolina Free Enterprise Foundation (NCFREE).

Sen. Vickie Sawyer

The rankings are calculated at the end of each long session of the N.C. General Assembly and are “based on confidential input from a group of more than 300 business leaders, business trade association executives, and government affairs professionals.

“The final rating provides a straightforward metric: the closer the rating is to 100, the more aligned with the principles of free enterprise that legislator was during the 2019 Long Session of the N.C. General Assembly. NCFREE determined that a rating of 70 or higher indicates that a legislator can be counted on –- both in votes cast as well as general disposition on business issues and in their approach to legislative duties -– to consistently exhibit strong support of free enterprise and comprise the solid base of business-minded legislators.”

Sawyer said she was “extremely honored” to receive high marks by the North Carolina Free Enterprise Foundation.

“It has always been one of my top priorities as a legislator to support free enterprise in North Carolina with the intended goal of growing our economy further,” said Sawyer, a Republican who represents Iredell and Yadkin counties. ” As a small business owner myself, I’ve always had a pro-business mentality and plan to keep that mentality going forward.”


The NC Free Enterprise Foundation is the premier research organization in the state providing non-partisan analysis of the political landscape and its impact on North Carolina’s business environment. Learn more at https://ncfree.org/

To review the entire NC Free 2019 Legislative Business Ratings Report, visit https://ncfree.org/2019-legislative-business-ratings/