The Statesville City Council will consider a proposal on Monday to loosen restrictions for special events on city property where alcohol is served.

Under the city’s special events permit ordinance, which was approved by the council in 2007, alcoholic beverages can only be distributed at events on city property that are sponsored by the City, the Greater Statesville Chamber of Commerce, the Greater Statesville Development Corporation, the Downtown Statesville Development Corporation or the Statesville Convention and Visitor’s Bureau.

According to information prepared for the council by Public Affairs Director Nancy Davis, the interest in holding special events involving alcohol has increased. Organizers of those events have turned to the organizations listed above to bear the responsibility and liability of alcohol distribution.

However, “the organizations listed above have indicated they can no longer take responsibility for events other than their special events and believe that by expanding this ordinance to allow more organizations to have events with alcohol will encourage more festivals and events and community activities that will add to the quality of life.”

The proposal before the council on Monday is to amend the city ordinance so that other organizations can put on events in which alcohol is served without requiring a co-sponsor. 

All organizations wanting to host an event where alcohol will be distributed on city property would be required to receive approval from the N.C. ABC Commission before making application for a special events permit with the City. The city manager and Statesville Police Department would review the applications to make sure all requirements are being met before allowing the event.

In addition, the proposal would eliminate the requirement that event organizers buy wrist bands from the City. The ordinance still requires that IDs are checked and that persons 21 years and older display a visible designation. It is believed these measures will help streamline the process for organizations who wish to sponsor events.

The proposal also eliminates requirements about the percentage of vendors who are permitted to sell alcohol so as to not impact events such as beer or wine festivals.

There are no changes to the requirement that all event organizers hire off-duty Statesville police officers as security guards, assume full personal responsibility in the written application for the reasonable operation of the event, and agreement to indemnify the City from any reasonably foreseeable damage to the City.

The N.C. ABC Commission must give its approval and the City maintains the final approval of a special events permit.


Also during Monday’s meeting:

♦ City Manager Ron Smith will present the city’s proposed budget for fiscal year 2020-2021.

♦ The council will continue the public hearing from the March 16, 2020, meeting and consider approving the first reading of an ordinance to annex the properties located adjacent to 110 Vance PO Road.

♦ The council will consider authorizing funding for easement acquisition for the water main extension to serve Larkin Commerce Park and approving Budget Amendment No. 2020-22. 

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