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Leaf Collection starts the week of October 19 in the City of Statesville. Here’s some information residents need to know before putting their leaves on the curb:

First of all, everything they need to know about leaf season can be found online at www.statesvillenc.net/yardwaste. The schedule showing where crews are working will be on this site and will be updated as needed. You can also get the schedule by following the city’s Facebook page and Twitter (@cityofsvl) pages, signing up for the Sunday night calls (call 704-878-3583 to register) and checking the calendar on cable channel 20.

Statesville is divided into four geographical areas for leaf collection. There is an interactive map on the designated website where property owners can enter their address and find out which area they live in.

Each area is collected a minimum of three times during the 12-week collection period. By keeping up with the schedule, residents can reduce the length of time leaves are on the curb before pick-up and not miss the rotation in their area. Crews will not return to a street once it is completed until the next rotation.

Guidelines for leaf collection:
♦ Leaves should be placed in front of the residence on the edge of the yard and behind the curb. They should not be placed in the street or on sidewalks.
Do not park near the leaf pile.
Don’t mix sticks or tree limbs in with the leaf pile.
Do not place leaves near storm drains; clogged storm drains cause flooding.

The City is divided into four geographical areas, starting from the intersection of Center and Broad Streets. Center Street and Shelton Avenue divide the city east and west, and Broad and Front streets divide the city north and south. Area One include the streets west of S. Center Street/Shelton Avenue and south of W. Front Street. Area Two are the streets east of S. Center Street/Shelton Avenue and south of E. Broad Street. Area Three are the streets east of N. Center Street and north of E. Broad Street. Area Four is made up of the streets west of N. Center Street and north of W. Front Street

There are 13 temporary workers during leaf season who operate three automated trucks and three pull-behind leaf vacuums.

Bagged leaves are typically collected faster than loose leaves. Bags are available for purchase (10 for $1) at the Statesville Customer Service counter, 301 S. Center Street.

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