A Statesville woman faces criminal prosecution in the death of her 7-month-old daughter following an investigation by the Statesville Police Department.

Talisa Ramseur, 30, is charged with involuntary manslaughter, three counts of misdemeanor child abuse, and driving while license revoked in connection with a crash in which four children were injured.

Ramseur’s daughter, Lovely Ann Imes, died on September 25, 2019, from injuries she sustained about three months earlier when the Buick Rendevous operated by Ramseur collided with a semi-truck at the intersection of Rickert Street and Garner Bagnal Boulevard, according to the SPD.

Ramseur caused the June 18, 2019, crash by failing to yield the right of way when she pulled into the path of the semi-truck, police said.

As a result of the crash, Dhynasti Ramseur, 9, Keshawn Imes, 9, and Kayden Imes, 6, were ejected from the Buick.

Lovely Ann Imes, who was 3 months old at the time of the crash, was not properly secured in the front seat of the Buick, police said. All four children were taken to Iredell Memorial Hospital and transferred to Wake Forest Baptist Hospital for further treatment.

SPD Officer Henshaw worked with the Iredell County District Attorney’s Office and on March 2 obtained warrants for Ramseur’s arrest.

On March 3, Ramseur turned herself in at the Iredell County Magistrate’s office. She was taken before Magistrate Imes, who issued a $25,000 unsecured bond.

6 thoughts on “Statesville woman charged with involuntary manslaughter in death of her 7-month-old daughter

  1. She made a mistake but she’s paying every day by the loss of her child. Was her vehicle big enough for all those car seats? Did she have the money for a bigger car ? Unless she had access to all of that and was just not providing the room and car seats, it might be better to help her get those things than push her down even further with charges like this against her.

    • I understand if there was a financial issue but she was driving while her license were revoked! That’s breaking the law so yes, she should have to pay the consequences for the bad choice she made.

      • Two kids most likely didn’t need seats as they’re 9, the 6 year old would need a booster and the infant in her seat. Theres absolutely no reason all 4 children should not have been properly fastened in their seats, and for the baby to be in the front seat of the car. No excuse.

        • Wow burying a child and knowing why has to be a punishment one wouldn’t understand unless they have walked the walk….

  2. Just Praying for her. Even though she made a huge mistake and laws were broken, it doesn’t mean we have to crucify her. She is human. We all make mistakes, and she is suffering for it. But God is the only one who can truly judge her, and we all know we’ve done something that was not pleasing to God or the Law. So, anyone without sin please cast the first stone. Until then, pray for her, her children and her family.

  3. She deserves jail time. She broke the law and injured four children, and one died because of her mistake. She deserves life in prison. Sorry; not sorry.

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