Ron Wyatt has decided to decline the Troutman town manager position and fulfill his current term as Iredell County register of deeds, which runs through November of 2022.

Ron Wyatt

After initially accepting the position, Wyatt said he reconsidered and changed his mind after hearing from county residents and his staff at the Register of Deeds Office. Several people reminded him that he made a commitment to voters when he ran for office, he said.

“While it was a huge opportunity to serve Troutman as the manager, it was also somewhat selfish to do that,” he said. “I apologize for even going through the process once I was able to digest the fact that I need to honor my commitment to the citizens of Iredell County.”

“I still want to help Troutman in any volunteer roles that I can going forward, and I still will live here and be a vital part of the community,” he added. “Troutman is on the verge of a lot of growth, but the right thing for me to do is honor the commitment to all the citizens of Iredell County.”

Wyatt noted that his staff is juggling numerous projects in the Register of Deeds Office and that he wants to support and assist them.

Wyatt said he and his family prayed about the decision over the weekend. He delivered a letter to Mayor Teross Young notifying him of his intent to decline the position on Monday morning. He has also spoken personally with two council members about his decision.

“I’m sad on one hand but also happy that I’m staying with the Register of Deeds staff and eagerly look forward to helping Troutman and all county residents in any way that I can going forward.”

Young could not be reached for comment on Monday.

6 thoughts on “Wyatt declines Troutman town manager position, plans to continue serving as register of deeds

  1. Jan Huffman says:

    Sally Williams, Paul Henkel and Mayor Teross Young served on the recruitment committee. Ron Wyatt was chosen as the Town Manager, when he was not qualified. Highly qualified individuals applied for the position, but Wyatt — an unqualified candidate — was interviewed and offered the job. This was a huge waste of taxpayer money. Now what will Council do regarding recruitment? Hopefully, fall back to applicants who are highly qualified, which is what Council members promised Troutman residents in public meetings.

    • I would think Mr Wyatt is highly qualified for this position. It sounds to me like you are educated beyond any intelligent decision making yourself. I grew up with Mr. Wyatt. He grew in the outskirts of Troutman, has been here all his life and knows this town pretty well !

      • Janith Jones Huffman says:

        Growing up in a town doesn’t mean you are qualified to manage government personnel, finances, infrastructure and economic development. Just because you like someone doesn’t make them qualified for a particular job. Would you hire a school teacher to be a fireman because you like them? They are each trained in their unique professions just as town and county managers are educated to assume those responsibilities. As Catawba County’s personnel director I helped hire many staff, including department directors, staff attorneys, nurses, psychologist, engineers, social workers, deputies, EMTs, and maintenance mechanics. They all were trained in their chosen professions. One thing you could count on is that they were qualified to do the job they were hired to do.

        • Melba Alfier says:

          You keep talking about qualifications. You are not on town council to apparently know what Mr. Wyatt’s qualifications are! He has managed a budget not too different than the town’s current budget. He does have experience with DOT projects and funding through CRTPO. He pointed out the unfair town limits boundary issues with a neighboring city. He has law enforcement background. He supervised many employees and projects. He had experience working with multiple governmental agencies. He has worked with numerous developers on numerous projects through several cities and towns. Have you forgotten six council members, including your friend and next-door neighbor (whom you never mention in any of your posts) all said Wyatt was the most qualified person for the job. You ignoring that fact further demonstrates you may have comprehension issues — or that you have such a personal bias that you have not been objective. Your actions, I think, are slanderous.

    • Melba Alfier says:

      For you to spend so much time spreading malicious opinions and rumor really confirms the voters’ decision to not return you to Troutman Town Council, an office you should not have been appointed to. You could not earn the respect of your own neighbors to get elected. A council of six people unanimously selected Mr. Wyatt to be the manager. The job was advertised with education requirements or equivalent experience. Yet you conveniently leave out your next door neighbor’s name in every complaint you have about his unanimous selection. Yes, the neighbor that nominated you to the board — how ironic. No wonder the Troutman voters did not want you back on the board. You can’t even remember who you endorsed for council. You criticize Mr. Wyatt and other council for your opponent’s victory. How laughable is that? You are trying to tear down good people to promote yourself? Your neighbor? The few people that echo your social media hatred for Mr. Wyatt have never voted in Troutman’s municipal election.

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