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The City of Statesville has installed two speed humps on Mulberry Street in an effort to improve pedestrian safety around Mitchell Community College.

One speed hump is located about 120 feet north of the intersection of Mulberry and Broad streets. A second speed hump is located about 80 feet south of the intersection of Mulberry and Broad Streets.

Mitchell College students make up much of the pedestrian traffic around the school. Even though the speed limit on Mulberry Street, between West End Avenue and W. Front Street, is currently 25 mph, city staff and the N.C. Department of Transportation have studied the area in an effort to find a ways to slow down the traffic.

City officials believe that the speed humps will help maintain safe speeds in this area. Maymead installed the humps at a cost of $5,000.

1 thought on “City of Statesville installs two speed bumps to slow traffic near Mitchell Community College

  1. Trevla Pulliam says:

    Need speed bumps around ARS elementary and middle school also!! Lots of precious foot traffic there also.

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