Special to Iredell Free News

As 2021 is a year following a federal census, some municipalities must evaluate and revise existing electoral district boundaries to account for growth and population changes. Since the recent census data has been delayed, several municipalities, including Mooresville, are still waiting for the population numbers to know what changes must be made.

On June 15, the N.C. General Assembly approved Session Law 2021-56, which requires that elections for all seats that are subject to electoral districts be delayed until 2022, so district boundaries for the election districts can be revised to account for population changes shown by the census data. The bill became law on June 28 without the signature of Gov. Roy Cooper.

This bill provides a revised schedule for delayed 2021 municipal elections, with an option to conduct the election for at-large members, according to the original schedule, since offices that are elected at-large are elected by all qualified voters of the Town.

Under the current election cycle, elections for Mooresville mayor, Ward 3 commissioner, Ward 4 commissioner, and one at-large commissioner seat are up for election in 2021. However, in accordance with the provisions and requirements of Session Law 2021-56, Ward 3 and Ward 4 elections must be delayed until 2022 to allow for needed redistricting.

The Town of Mooresville has retained Local Redistricting Service consultants to provide nonpartisan redistricting expertise and assist with revising the Town’s electoral districts. The process encourages public input and will take place in open public meetings once the census data has been received.

Mooresville’s Board of Commissioners has decided to hold elections in 2021 for offices that are elected at-large and would otherwise be scheduled for election in 2021, mayor and one commissioner at-large.

The 2021 Municipal Election filing dates for at-large candidates in the Town of Mooresville begins July 26 at noon and will close on August 13 at noon. If a primary is necessary, it will be held October 5. The election will be held November 2.

The 2022 Municipal Election filing dates for town commissioners for Ward 3 and Ward 4 begins January 3 at noon and closes January 7.