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These films are among the 35 selected to be shown at the Full Bloom Film Festival September 9-11 in Downtown Statesville: 

♦ SAVING SPIRACLE is a documentary telling the story of three business owners as they struggle to keep their Charlotte-based company afloat while trying to keep their personal lives intact during a worldwide pandemic.

CHEATPROOF, by director Edith Snow, is a short, dark and thought-provoking comedy. A man and woman meet in a diner to try and stave off an affair by confessing their deepest, darkest secrets.

THE PAPER ANGEL: After taking over the family used car lot, Chris Bell squandered most of the meager profits on playing poker, owing more than $10,000. A car lot mogul offers to buy him out for $250,000. Acting on a whim, Bell takes a donation angel off a Christmas tree hoping that a kind gesture for a stranger might turn the tables on his luck; but he finds out the hard way that luck is sometimes the worst thing to happen.

SAVING JULIETTE is the story of what happens when people from every walk of life galvanize their community, question their political leanings, and work to hold their representatives accountable, all in an effort to have good water in Juliette, Georgia.

SIDEWAYS, a thought provoking film with a unique perspective on getting along and keeping things grounded, is the work of director Daniel Robert Smith. Best friends Kurt and Carter find out that living together may not be as easy as they thought when their competing lifestyles clash. After a huge argument, Carter wakes up to find he has gone sideways.


To see the festival schedule, visit www.fullbloomfilmfestival.org.


Tickets for the festival are available at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/full-bloom-film-festival-2021-tickets-147874971019

Please note masks will be required at all film venues.

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