The Iredell County Board of Commissioners will hold three public hearings related to three rezoning requests during Tuesday’s meeting.

The board will meet at 7 p.m. at the Iredell County Government Center, 200 S. Center Street, Statesville. The meeting will be live video streamed via the county’s website.

The first public hearing is to consider a request from Michael “Dean” Richon to rezone approximately 2 acres of a 7.7-acre tract along Beulah Road off Old Mountain Road from Residential Agricultural to Highway Business.

The proposed use is for a building approximately 60 foot by 80 foot for flooring stores and showroom equipment storage. So far, there has been no opposition to this request. The planning board voted 8-0 to support this request.

The second request is from Gordon Johnson with Century Communities to release zoning and subdivision jurisdiction of 74.83 acres to the Town of Mooresville. The proposed use of the property is a development with a mixture of single-family detached homes and townhouses.

According to county documents, the property currently has some homes on it and the rest is vacant. The Planning board also supported this request.

The third request is by Katie Bradley with Timmons Group to release 104.3 acres for zoning and subdivision jurisdiction to the Town of Mooresville.

The proposed use of the property is more than 240 single-family subdivisions.

At this time, the applicant has withdrawn the application, but since the public hearing has been advertised it will remain on the agenda until formally removed.


Also, during the meeting, the board will:

• Hear from South Iredell Fire-Rescue Chief Jerry Starr. He will present a letter of appreciation.

• Consider a request from Animal Services for approval of a budget amendment in the amount of $15,000 to implement a low-cost spay and neuter program to benefit Iredell County residents.

• Consider a request from the Health Department to utilize Medicaid Maximization funding instead of COVID-19 grant funding for the purchase of a Mobile Health Unit to be utilized for COVID-19 response and the provision of other public health services in the community.

• Consider a request from the Finance Department for approval of a reimbursement resolution regarding the General Obligation Bond Projects to allow the County to be reimbursed from bond proceeds for preliminary expenditures.

• Consider a request from the Finance Department for approval of a budget amendment of $572,095 to transfer funds from the Capital Improvement Plan in order to increase the shift differential pay. The request to transfer funds from CIP to cover expense of increasing shift differential pay to $1 more per hour for half shift and $2 more per hour for full shift and to add $0.50 shift differential pay to employees that work peak hours.

• Consider a request from the Finance Department for approval of a budget amendment to appropriate Intensive Intervention Services funding to Children’s Hope Alliance through the JCPC program in the amount of $718,408.

• Consider a request from Administration for consideration and acceptance of the highest offer for Bluefield Road Property and authorization to begin upset bid process. Alan Tate Realtors began listing the property in June 2021 and has delivered six qualified offers, ranging from $325,000 to $801,000.

• Consider a request from Administration for approval of Budget Amendment #4 to appropriate funds for the 911 Tactical Channel Assessment. The total project prices including time and materials necessary for full completion of this assessment within the project time frame, as outlined in the project proposal, are $124,340 for the study and $8,800 for estimated expenses. Total required is $133,140.

• Hear an update on the county projects.

• Consider a request to call for a public hearing on August 3 in regard to a zoning and subdivision request by Sandra Johnson and Gary Bowles.

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