Citing “extremely hazardous fire conditions,” Iredell County Fire Marshal David Souther announced that a local burning ban would take effect on Tuesday afternoon.

The ban, which begins at 5 p.m. Tuesday, prohibits open burning within 100 feet of a structure. Beyond the 100-foot boundary, outside burning guidelines will remain within N.C. Forestry jurisdiction.

This local ban covers all unincorporated areas of Iredell County and the towns of Harmony, Troutman, and Love Valley and remains in effect until further notice.

Anyone in violation of this local ban will be instructed to extinguish the fire and could be subject to a citation from the Iredell County Fire Marshal’s Office.

Open burning includes burning of leaves, branches and other vegetative material, in addition to the use of recreational fires, bonfires, and outdoor fireplaces, Souther explained in a news release. This does not apply to cooking fires such as grills or outdoor cookers.

It is illegal to burn trash, lumber, tires, newspaper, plastics, or other non-vegetative materials.

Souther also urged residents to be especially careful with potential ignition sources such as discarded smoking materials, sparks from lawn equipment, and exhaust components such as catalytic converters on automobiles.


Please contact the Iredell County Fire Marshal’s Office at (704) 878-3035 for more information.

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