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On Wednesday, September 29, the Mooresville Police Department was made aware of a possible threat of violence that would occur at Mooresville High School on September 30 that was circulating on social media.

Officers began an investigation and contacted officials with the Mooresville Graded School District.

While investigating this incident, officers followed up on multiple leads, which involved interviewing individuals and working with social media platforms.

However, all attempts to pinpoint where the threat originated from were unsuccessful, as it appears that the threat spread through rumors being transcribed onto social media, the MPD said in a news release.

None of the known social media accounts that mention the threat claim to have heard it firsthand from any specific individual, police said. No one person or party has been identified as having made the threat in any of the social media messages being spread around, and no one interviewed has made any identifications as to who allegedly made the threat or where it originated, according to the news release.

The MPD takes incidents such as this seriously and worked with the Mooresville Graded School District in an attempt to ensure the safety of students and staff at Mooresville High School.

Extra officers, in addition to the assigned school resource officers, were on hand during the day on September 30 at Mooresville High School.

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