Special to Iredell Free News

The Mooresville Police Department has added new technology to some patrol cars that will assist with the apprehension of suspects in vehicles.

The technology is called StarChase, a GPS solution for public safety. Its purpose is to provide high-speed pursuit alternatives that reduce risk, saves lives, and protects communities.

When a pursuit or drive-off seems imminent, officers can deploy a Vehicle Mounted GPS launcher tag from their patrol vehicle instead of engaging in a high-speed pursuit.

The vehicle data can then be monitored by law enforcement, even across jurisdictional boundaries.

“This system will allow us to back off from high-speed chases, thereby saving lives and reducing damage to vehicles,” said MPD Chief Ron Campurciani. “It is a much safer alternative and gives us the ability to make an arrest or apprehension without danger to the public or the officers. In my opinion, it is a win/win situation.”

Campurciani had the system installed on several vehicles and will consider purchasing more if command staff feels it has been a success.

“Although the technology has been around for eight or nine years, we are the first law enforcement agency in North Carolina to have it,” the chief said.

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