This school year N.B. Mills Elementary school is offering special programming during the weeks when the students are on intersession break.

Principal Jonathan Nicastro said the first session was a great experience.

During the school’s first intercession break, the school partnered with community organizations to provide a safe and fun experience for participating students.

On intersession days, the school provides tutoring from 7:45 to 10:30 a.m. and then transitions into camps.

Camps this week include:
• Front Street Baptist’s Vacation Bible School;
• YMCA swim lessons as part of the school’s Oceans Camp;
• Speaklife’s GEM and GENTS confidence building camp;
• N.B. Mills Drama Camp; and
• N.B. Mills Healthy Minds and Bodies Camp

Transportation is provided and the school district and follows the regular bell schedule. Breakfast and lunch are provided for all students.

About N.B. Mills Elementary

N.B. Mills is an Iredell-Statesville Schools’ restart school. This means that they have “charter-like” flexibilities that allow them to use innovative methods to help close learning gaps. As a result of these flexibilities, the school administration adopted a flexible calendar that shortened summer break and gives students fall, winter, and spring intercession days. Future camps will include sports, games, crafts and more.