Gioly Ito, president of NGK Ceramics USA, and Todd Alexander are pictured with Claudia Jimenez, ESL/DI Director of I-SS, and Jennifer DiFiore, ESL Lead Teacher and Testing Coordinator for I-SS.

Special to Iredell Free News

NGK Ceramics USA partnered with the Iredell-Statesville Schools English as a Second Language (ESL) Department by donating over $1,000 to buy earbuds with microphones for I-SS students to use and keep during ACCESS testing.

 ACCESS stands for “Assessing Comprehension and Communication in English State-to-State for English Language Learners.” It is a test that’s given to students from kindergarten to grade 12 to assess their progress in learning English.

I-SS has many Japanese students that are served through the district’s ESL Department. NGK President Gioly Ito felt it was important to support local students during this unprecedented time.

About NGK Ceramics USA

NGK Ceramics USA is dedicated to quality and committed to providing valuable products and services that are trusted by our customers and respected by society. NGK Ceramics, a manufacturer of honeycomb ceramic substrates for use in automotive catalytic converters and supplies of processed ceramic raw materials, is committed to sound environmental health and safety.

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