Two Statesville men face misdemeanor weapons charges after Iredell County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to a report of shots fired in the area of Parks Drive and Williams Road in Statesville.

When ICSO deputies arrived on scene on Monday to assist the Statesville Police Department, they located numerous .223-caliber rifle shell casings and pistol shell casings in the grass and along the sidewalk next to a residence located at at 1002 Park Drive, Sheriff Darren Campbell said in a news release.

Through their investigation, the deputies determined that two suspects, identified as Tyrell Lee Bennett, 30, and Jamad Shaquille Houpe, 26, had been shooting firearms outside the residence, which is inside the city limits of Statesville, Campbell said.

Bennett and Houpe were detained and searched. Both men were found to have Glock .40-caliber handguns on their persons, according to the news release. A search was also conducted on Houpe’s vehicle, where deputies found a Palmetto Arms AR-15 pistol loaded with a 60-round drum style magazine on the front seat, Campbell said.

Deputies seized all three weapons and charged Houpe and Bennett with misdemeanor carrying a concealed weapon and misdemeanor discharging a weapon within the city limits.

2 thoughts on “Sheriff: ICSO deputies seize weapons, arrest two men after responding to report of shots fired

  1. David McDonald says:

    Good work ICSO. These folks should not have a firearm at all. It will be interesting to find out how they got them.

    • Why shouldn’t they have a firearm? The story doesn’t say if they are felons. They have 2nd ammendment rights also.

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