South Iredell High School was placed on security alert twice on Wednesday due to the actions of a student who was expelled earlier in the week.

The campus was placed on lockdown on Wednesday morning after the male student returned to campus, apparently in an attempt to confront witnesses against him, Town Manager Ron Wyatt said.

The student had been expelled for sharing sexually explicit photos, Wyatt said, adding that criminal charges are pending. The student’s name was not released because he is a juvenile.

Law enforcement officers were dispatched to the campus Wednesday because they were unsure what the students’ intentions were when he returned to the campus, according to Wyatt.

The student was taken into custody, and will face charges of first-degree trespassing; resist, delay or obstruct an officer; and disorderly conduct for disrupting school, Wyatt said.

The school was placed on security alert as a precaution later Wednesday after the student ran away from home. Law enforcement officers were attempting to locate him, Wyatt said.

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