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The Statesville ABC Board is accepting proposals for its 2021 Alcohol Education Grants program. Each year, as required by N.C. law, the ABC Board in Statesville distributes a minimum of 7 percent of its remaining gross receipts (after other designated distributions) to community organizations involved in the treatment of alcoholism or substance abuse, or for research or education on alcohol or substance abuse.

Last year the Statesville ABC Board distributed $71,500 to six area agencies for this purpose.

Requests should be submitted by July 15, 2021, and contain the following information: the name of the organization, mailing address, city, state, contact person, telephone number and amount requested; and a one-page description of how the organization plans to utilize the funds.

The ABC Board will review the proposals and then select the organizations they wish to interview.

Interviews will take place during the summer and the final decision on fund distribution (and the actual distribution) will take place in August of 2020. The amount of money available for distribution will not be determined until the annual audit is completed.

The application should be mailed to: Statesville ABC Board, Attention: Tip Nicholson, P.O. Box 902, Statesville, NC 28687.


More information about the program and an application can be obtained online at www.statesvilleabc.com, by calling 704-873-5078 or by email to tip.nicholson@gmail.com.

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