After five months of remote learning, South Iredell High School teachers and staff welcomed back students last week with a Viking Nation “Safety Dance” music and dance video as they returned to in-person learning.

“Most South Iredell High School students have been learning virtually all school year, but this week marks a hybrid return to campus. Principal Ivey, along with the entire staff at South is excited to welcome students back to campus,” explained Boen Nutting, Iredell-Statesville Schools director of communication and development.

The school rewrote the words of the “Safety Dance” song by Men Without Hats, and released the video online.


Teachers and staff, donning face masks and dressed in matching school shirts, dance in various places throughout the school while reminding students of the three Ws to reduce the risk of COVID-19 as they return to their classrooms.

The three W’s are: Wear a mask, Wash your hands and Watch your distance.

The video also showcases the rules and direction patterns for walking up and down the stairs and the correct way to wear a face mask.

In the closing scene, the staff, who are acting like students, gather in the hall to socialize for a second. Principal Tim Ivey pops up from behind the office window and motions for them to break it up and get going.

The video has around 1,700 views already.

While other I-SS high schools have been operating under a hybrid model, both South and Lake Norman High School remained completely virtual due to their large student populations.

However, the board of education asked for the schools to find a way to bring their students back to campus. After lots of planning, both high schools were able to find a way to safely bring student back on campus for the start of the second semester.

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