Special to Iredell Free News

Loose leaf curbside collection is ramping up for Statesville residents who perform their own yardwork, and this year the city’s Sanitation Division has a new and improved area map and schedule.

There will be five service areas instead of the traditional four, and collection will take place across those five areas on designated days of the week. Leaf trucks will begin working in Area One on Monday, October 24.

With the new routes and schedule, leaf collection crews will be moving throughout various streets across the city every week. For example, if you are in Area One, crews will be in your area all day on Monday. Once they have finished for the day, they will move on to Area Two on Tuesday, Area Three on Wednesday, Area Four on Thursday, and Area Five on Friday.

The following week, crews will start back in Area One on Monday to pick up where they left off the week before and follow the same schedule. Please remember that all loose leaf collection is weather permitting. Rain can delay collection for days at a time, and crews will stay on the same daily schedule once collection resumes.

Remember the following curbside etiquette:
• Place your leaves on the curb in front of your residence on the edge of the yard and behind the curb.
• They should not be placed in the street or on sidewalks.
• Do not park near the leaf pile.
• Don’t mix sticks or tree limbs in with the leaf pile.
• Do not place leaves near storm drains; clogged storm drains cause flooding.
• Don’t cover up your water meter.

Below are the boundary descriptions for each area. You can also use the interactive map at www.statesvillenc.net/yardwaste and enter your address to verify your area.

Area One/Monday: South of W. Front Street and west of S. Center Street/Shelton Avenue. This area includes Bristol Road, Wilson Lee Blvd., and neighborhoods along Wallace Springs Road.

Area Two/Tuesday: South of E. Broad Street and east of S. Center Street/Shelton Avenue. This area includes neighborhoods in the areas of Florence Road, the Statesville Country Club and Brookmeade.

Area Three/Wednesday: North of E. Broad Street and east of I-77. This area includes neighborhoods in the areas of Simonton Road and Mocksville Hwy.

Area Four/Thursday: North of E. Broad Street, between N. Center Street and S I-77. This area includes neighborhoods in the areas of Davie Avenue, Sullivan Road, and Museum Road.

Area Five/Friday: North of W. Front Street and west of N. Center Street. This area includes neighborhoods along Gregory Road, Ridgeway Avenue, Phoenix Street, Oakland Avenue, and Mitchell Community College Historic District.


There are alternatives to curbside leaf pickup. Bagged leaves are typically collected faster than loose leaves. The Public Works Department has 60-gallon bags available at Customer Service located at 301 S. Center Street. The first 10 bags are free to city residents, and additional bags can be purchased in increments of 10 for $1.

Leaves can also be placed in 32-gallon containers that have a lid and handles. Be sure there are no sticks, trash, or other yard debris in the bags or cans. Residents can utilize a mulching lawnmower and mulch leaves back into the lawn providing nutrients for the soil. Leaves can also be placed in and around plant beds and under trees and shrubs for good soil nutrients and plant insulation.


Updates will be provided on the City’s website (www.statesvillenc.net/yardwaste), Facebook (facebook.com/CityofStatesville/), Sunday night calls, and cable channel 20. Sign up for the Sunday night call at www.statesvillenc.net/info or call 704-878-3683.

If you have questions about the schedule or route, please call 704-878-3415 or email info@statesvillenc.net.