COVID-19 continued to have a major impact on Iredell-Statesville Schools last week despite a string of snow days and remote learning days.

According to the latest I-SS report, more than 970 students missed school January 14-20 because they were exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 or they were excluded because they were a close contact to someone who tested positive.

Students were not on campus January 17-20 due to inclement weather or unsafe driving conditions. 

A total of 117 students and 57 I-SS staff members tested positive for COVID-19 during the reporting period, district officials said.

Forty-six staff members were excluded after coming in close contact with someone who tested positive, and 108 staff members isolated after developing symptoms associated with COVID-19.

Thirty I-SS schools reported at least one case of COVID-19 during the reporting period.

Meanwhile, 886 students who were potentially exposed to COVID-19 were allowed to remain in school because they were properly masked, district officials said.

I-SS COVID-19 Dashboard

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