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Iredell County Crosby Scholars staff, board and volunteers recently held two drive-thru senior recognitions to celebrate the Class of 2022. Scholarship winners were announced, and graduation cords, yard signs and a small gift were presented to Crosby Scholar grads.

By the Numbers

♦ 217 seniors completed the Senior Program;
♦ 35 seniors were awarded scholarships;
♦ $110,150 in scholarships are being awarded to Crosby Scholars seniors;
♦ 53 seniors were awarded the Executive Director Award and presented a $50 gift certificate for completing all seven years in the program. This is the first class that was eligible to join Crosby Scholars Iredell County as sixth-graders since the program began in Iredell County in 2015.

Scholarship Winners

Goodwill Willpower Award

Sponsored by Goodwill NWNC, Inc.
♦ Lauren Harris

Goodwill Art Gibel Award

Sponsored by Goodwill NWNC, Inc.
♦ Kennedi Dees

Art Gibel Community Builder Award

Sponsored by Crosby Scholars Board of Directors
♦ Shannel St. Brice

Crosby Impact Scholarship

Sponsored by Crosby Scholars Board of Directors
♦ Elizabeth Lourcey
♦ Tristan Chitwood

Joyce Kohfeldt Award

Sponsored by Joyce Kohfeldt
♦ Caleb Dorrah
♦ Sebastian Feimster

Grandparent’s Day Scholarship

♦ Zha’Monet Gray

Community College Book Scholarship

Sponsored by Patricia & Barry Rhudy
♦ Emily Rodden
♦ Emma Kennaday
♦ Nicolas Friedman

Mooresville Rescue Squad Scholarship

Sponsored by the Mooresville Rescue Squad
♦ Madison Reber
♦ Ashley Crowley
♦ Taylor Born
♦ Sam Reardon
♦ Khamya Turner

Northern Iredell County Opportunity Scholarship

Sponsored by the Crosby Scholars Iredell County Board of Directors
♦ Lauren Harris
♦ Breanna Gibson
♦ Kennedy Totherow

Wingate Scholarship

Funding provided by Wingate University
♦ Zander Foster
♦ Sebastian Feimster
♦ Jasmine Jones
♦ Nathan Worsley
♦ Logan Brooks

Mitchell Community College/ Crosby Scholars Scholarship

Funding provided by Mitchell Community College
♦ Ava Akdamar
♦ Kelly Esteves
♦ Bryce Mostert
♦ James Parlier
♦ Haley Duncan
♦ Angela Abrogena
♦ Juan Sanchez

Crosby Scholar Board of Directors Awards

♦ Madison Brooks – ASEC
♦ Kolby Shea – CCTL
♦ Taylor Born – Crossroads
♦ Jaelyn Gonzalez – Lake Norman High School
♦ Nathan Worsley – Langtree Charter Academy
♦ Tristan Chitwood – Mooresville High School
♦ Heidi Jenkins – North Iredell High School
♦ Abigail Merryman – Pine Lake Preparatory
♦ Jadon Palmeter – South Iredell High School
♦ Jadyn Moten – Statesville High School
♦ Breanna Padilla – West Iredell High School

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