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Every year Girl Scouts around the world honor the memory of the founder, Juliette Gordon Low, on her birthday, October 31. Some troops choose to celebrate the whole month, while others plan special events on or near the actual day of her birth.

During October, in honor of Juliette Low, Girl Scout Troop #13179 discussed the topic of a birthday celebration, and the girls realized that baking a birthday cake and having a birthday party might be too expensive for a family’s budget.

The troop then planned and hosted a birthday party supply drive to collect and donate “birthday bags” filled with party supplies in order to help others, who might not otherwise be able to celebrate or have a happy birthday. The troop collected items and each “birthday bag” included cake mix, frosting, a foil pan, sprinkles, a themed set of paper plates, tablecloth, cups and a Happy Birthday banner to make a kid’s birthday special. They even made birthday cards to go with each bag.

On November 1, Girl Scout Troop 13179 went to Mooresville’s local FeedNC food bank to tour the facility, help out, and donate the “birthday bags” they assembled. They learned that over 700 children in Mooresville rely on the local food bank and over 8,500 Iredell children are without food security.

The development director of the food bank shared that the food bank relies on donations and that they often get “blessing bags” donated, but she has never seen anyone donate special birthday bags before.

Troop 13179 hopes that the recipients enjoy the “birthday bag” items as they celebrate a time that is important to them and their family members.

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