Harmony Elementary School held a special fashion show on Friday.

Around 46 first-graders enjoyed doing a “moon walk” to show off their homemade space boots and gloves.

STEM-Ag teacher April Smith said the students have been studying the moon and moon travel for the past month.

“We’ve learned about the moon’s phases and patterns, craters and how they’re made, asteroids, and how spacesuits are made,” she said.

As a fun protect, each student was able to choose to make either a glove or boot out of recycled materials.

“I gave them a grocery bag, a medical glove, and they got to add to it,” Smith said.

The students worked independently, and came up with their own drawings and plan.

“The only time they had help was cutting the cardboard or taping the pieces together,” she said.

Debra Lester, CTE/STEM coordinator for Iredell-Statesville Schools, said that the project paired well with the first-grade science curriculum and applauded April Smith for her hands- on approach.

“She’s creating memories that they’ll always remember with the fashion show,” Lester said. “They actually get a little taste of their fantasy to go to space or be an astronaut.”

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  1. Carolyn Templeton says:

    Thank you for providing this post even though I have no direct relation to Harmony Elementary. There previous was space made regularly for school news in the newspaper. Doing so provided some pride and stimulation. For whatever reason they are no longer able to provide the service. That indeed has been a loss.

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