Iredell County government administrators are beginning 2022 with a revamped purpose to achieve each department’s strategic goals.

The Board of Commissioners unanimously approved each department’s goals, which were outlined in a 65-page document, during their January 18 meeting.

These goals will drive strategic decisions made by the county’s administrative team as it drafts its budget proposal for the upcoming fiscal year.

According to County Manager Beth Mull, many of the goals are continuation of previous years’ goals because of COVID-19.

“Covid derailed our normal pathway forward. We all had to do a little bit of shifting, changing and adjusting as a result of covid,” Mull said.

“I’m really proud of a lot of our departments because in spite of covid they were still able to move forward their strategic goals,” she added.

The plan includes many objectives. Here are some highlights:

♦ Improve accessibility and inclusion to Iredell County parks and facilities by adding ADA amenities and recreational access to better meet the needs and interest of all citizens of varying demographics, abilities, and ages.

♦ Increase VA disability and pension clients served in Iredell County by 2 percent.

♦ Lower the infant mortality rate in Iredell County.

♦ Recruit and retain qualified staff such that all specialists are fully authorized, and staff are able to work to meet the demands of Iredell County in an efficient and effective manner for Environmental Health.

♦ Promote responsible pet ownership. Animal Services will actively give presentations to area schools to help educate the youth about responsible pet ownership. As well as going to schools to educate the public, Animal Services staff will educate through while working in the field during complaint investigations and in in the adoption lobby and rabies clinics.

♦ Reduce costs associated with vehicle repairs. By July 2021, be able to perform maintenance and repair of all county vehicles. In addition, staff will work with all departments to explain services provided, schedules and procedures of the department.

♦ Identify areas of improvement and increase customer satisfaction by conducting a survey to set a benchmark and by implementing a process of meeting with departments regularly to create trusting relationships and provide education where needed.

♦ Communicate to the general public the county’s security processes that they perform for every election. The goal is to increase the confidence that the voters have in elections.

♦ By January 2024, the tax accessor’s office will be able to access and process electronic individual personal property listings. This will give taxpayers the ability to electronically list their individual personal property with the county.


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