Capt. Allen Robertson (center) poses for a photo with his wife Chelsea and his father, Ken Robertson.

Special to Iredell Free News

Iredell County native Capt. Allen Robertson recently took command of Echo Battery, 1-40th Battalion, 434th Field Artillery Brigade in Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

Robertson has held a variety of assignments primarily with the 101st Airborne Division headquartered in Fort Campbell, Ky. He also served with the 101st in Iraq fighting ISIS forces near Mosul. He recently graduated from the Captains Career Course for Field Artillery Officers, which is also located at Fort Sill.

Capt. Robertson receives the unit guidon.

Echo Battery is a basic training unit responsible for transitioning civilians into soldiers. Robertson commented on several of his priorities as he took command of the unit.

“Americans send their sons and daughters into the armed forces to protect our country. We are in a dangerous business. It is very important that we train these soldiers in a challenging yet safe manner. Maintaining safety, without compromising training standards, is a high priority,” he said.

Robertson also is realistic about the challenges of training young soldiers who are coming out of two years with varying degrees of COVID-19 restrictions and lockdowns. “Teamwork makes the whole greater than the sum of its parts,” he said. “We have to teach our new soldiers military skills for certain, but we also must help them transition to become an effective member of a combat team as opposed to working or studying in relative isolation.”

“Our drill sergeants help that process along” he added.

Finally, Robertson emphasized that the Echo Company is responsible for sending qualified and mission capable soldiers to Army units deployed around the world. Additionally, he wants to continue the professional development of his cadre and drill sergeants so they are also prepared for their next duty stations in the Army.

Capt. Robertson is a graduate of Lake Norman High School and Clemson University, where he earned a degree in accounting.

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