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PFLAG Statesville will host a Statesville Pride Parade & Festival on Saturday, September 24.

The family friendly event, which runs from 12 to 4 p.m., is a celebration of diversity in Iredell County. Organizers said it is an opportunity to show appreciation to “the brave souls” who made the Pride march on June 20, 2021.  

There will be food trucks and vendors and live musical entertainment. No pets please.

15 thoughts on “PFLAG Statesville to host Pride Parade & Festival on September 24

  1. Disgusting state of affairs in Statesville! And then to state that it is a “family friendly” event makes it even more so and speaks to the LMNOP communities’ understanding of a God centered family. Anyone who supports this affront to God (including this liberal rag) is aiding and abbeting blasphemy!

    • Matthew A Thomas-Reid says:

      Thank you so much for reminding us on this Labor Day weekend that we live in a country free from religious tyranny! Such a cause for celebration!

  2. charles stanley says:

    It’s about time. Looks like there’s still plenty of bigoted bible thumpers on here. Too bad they are dying out.

    • Bigoted Bible Thumpers, ay? I’m not Bible Thumper, but I do have an opinion same as you. FYI…They’re NOT dying out!!

      • That’s the problem! “Opinions”, not FACTS. If you actually knew what you were talking about and put your bigoted hatred aside (hatred based on something you know nothing about and are afraid of) and would put yourself in the shoes of someone who is being persecuted for something that they absolutely CANNOT change about themselves, then you might actually be considered a good person for once. Keep your uneducated ignorant hatred off of sites like this and out of your mouth. Try to learn something for once. And yes, learn the statistics… bigoted bible thumpers ARE dying out. Fewer and fewer mindless sheep are in existence every year. Educated, open minded, accepting people who love and care about/for people who are different from them are taking over! So exciting! 😃

  3. I was born and raised in Statesville. I left because of the bigotry many years ago. I will definitely be returning for this pride event. And all of you bigots on here can just stay home.

  4. So, for you ignorant bigots who claim to know all about the bible and know exactly what “god” thinks… If you actually READ the bible, you would know that neither god nor jesus said anything ever about any of this; it was written by men who were warning specific people groups in specific lands about specific problems for that time in history ONLY. In the infamous, improperly used, incorrectly translates verse about “homosexuality” (which was not even a concern back then), the true meaning was for grown men doing horrible things to younger males. and in subsequent verses, several other things were warned against (eating shellfish, eating pork, touching skin of deceased animals, etc) because those things were causing sickness and fatalities. There was NEVER, not once, anything at all said or written about any of the modern day hatred. The only reason you and others are upset about and against these “alternative lifestyles” is because you don’t know about it and are afraid of what you do not know. AND, more importantly, because some rich white men in the 40’s, 50′, and 60’s decided to re-translate your “bible” to use the word “homosexuality” when the word was NEVER in the original Greek or Hebrew. LEARN BEFORE YOU SPEAK so that you aren’t so filled with stupidity and hatred. STOP SPREADING LIES AND HATE! CELEBRATE DIVERSITY! And when you are oppressed, attacked, beaten, ridiculed for something you yourself cannot change, and then you survive… THEN you can have your own parade to celebrate your survival.

  5. Too bad you live in a place that has separation of church and state; therefore, you can believe in your things and gay people can exist at the exact same time. If you want to separate them and make them feel like lower class, that’s up to you.

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