Special to Iredell Free News

The Statesville Fire Department has announced the promotion of Lieutenant Matt Thompson to captain, effective April 4.

A 14-year veteran with the SFD, Captain Thompson is one of 15 captains in the department who supervise the operations of a crew on each shift. He will serve as the captain of the C Shift at Station Four.

“Captain Thompson has been an outstanding firefighter and lieutenant, and we are certain he will do a great job as captain. We look forward to seeing all he will do for the department and for the citizens of Statesville,” said Deputy Fire Chief Glenn Kurfees.

Captains are not only responsible for much of the administrative duties for a shift, but they also direct their crew in responding to emergency calls, supervising and making decisions for their employees on the scene.

“Captain Thompson will be responsible for making sure the firefighters under his supervision are always ready to respond to all emergency calls. He has shown us he can do the job, and we are proud of the dedication Captain Thompson has shown this department and our city,” added Kurfees.

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