The Statesville City Council on Monday unanimously approved three economic incentive grants recommended by the Iredell County Economic Development Corporation.

The incentives total more than $5.7 million for projects that represent nearly $300 million in local development investments.

The council gave the green light for up to $4.7 million in economic incentives for a planned industrial development at the northeast quadrant of Interstate 77 and Interstate 40, off Crawford Road. Missouri-based Northpoint Development Group has plans for an industrial development, named NC Park 40/77, representing an investment of up to $215 million and up to 3.2 million square feet by December 31, 2029. Within four years of approval of the grant, the developer would be required to complete $9.3 million in public infrastructure improvements.

Statesville Branch NAACP President Todd Scott raised the question of whether the graves of people who were enslaved might be located on the property, and Mayor Costi Kutteh assured that the issue was being examined.

“If there are graves there, they must be protected,” Kutteh said.

The council also approved an incentive grant of up to $58,201 for $3 million in renovation and expansion for Origin Food Group, which produces yogurt and other dairy products at its facility located off Stamey Farm Road. In order for Origin to receive the incentive, the company will need to make a request to annex into the City of Statesville. The project involves making a capital investment of $3 million by December 31, 2022, and the creation of 15 to 40 jobs with average salary of $35,633.

In a third request, the council approved up to $986,040 for Statesville Logistics Center, which plans to build a 1.4-million-square foot industrial development on 185 acres at the northwest intersection of Interstate 77 and US Highway 21/Turnersburg Highway (Exit 54). The project represents a $75 million investment and estimates of public infrastructure costs are between $3 million and $5 million.

Mayor Kutteh noted that traffic improvements would be covered by the developer, which will benefit residents in the area.


In other action, the council:

♦ Approved a contract with JRN Development LLC for the sale of three parcels on Harris Street and Old Charlotte Road for the purposes of developing affordable housing units. JRN Development has agreed to pay $3,000 for each of the three parcels and the City of Statesville has agreed to pay for the cost of water/sewer tap and system development fees at $7,207 per parcel.

♦ Passed a second reading of an ordinance to annex properties located on US 21/Turnersburg Highway and Houpe Road – Annexation Request AX21-10 for PIN # 4747-70- 2049, 4746-67-6347 & 4746-66-8927 Robertson & Harmon Properties.

♦ Passed second reading of an ordinance to annex properties located on Northside Drive between Meachum Road and NC 115/Wilkesboro Highway – Annexation Request AX22-04 for PIN # 4735-11-3473 (portion) Superior Properties of Iredell LTDP & Joyce Johnson Property.

♦ Passed second reading of an ordinance to annex properties located on James Farm Road at Parcel Drive – Annexation Request AX22-05 for PIN # 4745-58-0682 Gulfstream West Investments, Inc. Property.

♦ Approved sole source vendors for the City of Statesville for apparatus, supplies, materials, or equipment in accordance with NCGS 143-129.

♦ Adopted a resolution authorizing staff to apply for a grant from the N.C. Division of Water Infrastructure to conduct an Inflow and Infiltration analysis of the City’s sewage collection system.

♦ Accepted a bid from Vanguard Utility Services, Inc. for Water Meter Installation Services and approve Budget Amendment No. 2022-35.

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