Special to Iredell Free News

RALEIGH — In its continuing effort to support the arts sector through the pandemic, the N.C. Arts Council distributed $7.9 million in grant funds to arts organizations and artists across the state in FY21-22.

The source of these funds was a combination of state, federal, and private dollars. The Arts Council awarded 378 grants in 12 categories.

“Across the board, arts organizations report significant losses in earned revenue, contributed income, and corporate sponsorships since March of 2020. Grants have helped stabilize North Carolina’s arts sector so that it can continue providing public good to the people of our state,” said Vicki Vitiello, the agency’s director of operations. “Social cohesion, enhanced engagement in education, economic stimulus, well-being, and resiliency are examples of tangible benefits provided by the arts. I believe we need these things now more than ever.”

The Arts Council had two overarching priorities for grant-making this funding cycle: (1) to distribute flexible funding as widely as possible while implementing equitable methods; and (2) to support projects that benefit underserved communities in the state.

The Iredell Arts Council received a $44,540 grant to support its grassroots arts program.

See the listing of all the grants, by county, HERE.

Guidelines and application deadlines for grants in FY22-23 are available on the Arts Council’s website. Awards are based on published criteria and are recommended by panels of civic leaders and arts experts.

About the North Carolina Arts Council

Founded in 1967 with the democratic vision of “arts for all citizens,” the North Carolina Arts Council sustains and grows the arts for the benefit of North Carolinians and their communities. The Arts Council strives to deliver resources for arts development to all 100 counties of the state through programs that are fair, transparent, and accountable. The Arts Council is an agency of the North Carolina Department of Natural and Cultural Resources. A 24-member citizen board, appointed by the Governor, advises the Secretary of the Department on policies, programs, and research that support arts development across North Carolina. Learn more at NCArts.org.