Speedway is planning a new convenience store and gas service center between Bojangle’s and Wendy’s on a 4-acre site off Lexus Drive off Exit 42 near Interstate 77.

The Troutman Board of Adjustment granted a special use permit based on the submitted concept plan for an automotive services business to be located in the town’s highway business zoning district.

The center will feature a 4,600-square-foot convenience store with eight two-sided fuel pumps and five diesel pumps. The plan’s setback, parking, and landscaping requirements meet the Unified Development Ordinance.

The project is also consistent with the town’s Future Land Use Plan for the area, which is designated as interchange commercial.

The project will have to get Technical Review Committee approval prior to final approval. A traffic impact analysis is underway, and any suggested improvements will also be required to be added to the plan before final approval.

The board also added several conditions to the permit, including bringing Lexus Drive up to town street standards and formulation of an agreement of all property owners of the Troutman Town Center to address the maintenance of the existing stormwater pond prior to plan approval being issued.

The board also approved a signage variance for the project. The maximum sign allowed in highway business zoning is 200 square feet and six feet in height. The board approved a monument sign of 21 feet, 7 inches, which is compatible with signage already in the area.

The board also approved commercial fueling lane directional signs of 32 square feet, exceeding the 28 square foot maximum, because of safety concerns.

13 thoughts on “Troutman Board of Adjustment clears way for new Speedway convenience store at Exit 42

    • We need the Town of Troutman to be updated. Buy the houses in town and turn them into shops and restaurants. Update the old buildings.

  1. Ashlee Molisee says:

    We really need a grocery store there — not another gas station. 🙁 They have a lot of land in that area; hopefully we will get one in the near future.

  2. We need a red light at the end of Talley Street where it runs in to Hwy 21. Building all these new housing developments in Troutman and apartment complexes mean more traffic on Talley Street and Hwy 21.

  3. Nannette Roberts says:

    Goodness. What are our town leaders thinking?? Troutman is growing too fast in all the wrong ways. Yes, we need another grocery store and more restaurants and maybe new school buildings. Where exactly do they expect all these new residents to shop, eat and send their kids to school?? As a resident on Main Street, I have trouble getting out of my driveway already. But one thing I have no problem getting is gas. Maybe a Walmart Neighborhood store would be good there, NOT a Super Walmart. Some people live in Troutman for its small-town feel, which it is very quickly losing.

  4. Not to sound like a broken record, but a Grocery Store at Exit 42 would be FANTASTIC. I would love to be able to stop and pick up groceries on my way home instead of having to go to that outdated Food Lion, which is usually out of what I am looking for anyways (goes back to the pre-Covid days). Plus, that would probably cut down on traffic down Main Street.

  5. I hope they put street lights up along these roads or at least to light up the intersections. This would really improve safety.

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