Findings of Fact and Order

File Number: HC-19-01
400 North Eastway Drive
Troutman, North Carolina 28166


Ryan T. and Mary Darling
118 Garden Street
Troutman, North Carolina 28166

TO: Owners and parties in interest in the property located 118 Garden Street, (4731-55-9074) the Town of Troutman, North Carolina. The undersigned Housing Inspector of the Town of Troutman pursuant to a conducted a hearing at the time and place stated in the Complaint and Notice heretofore issued and served, or at a time to which the hearing was continued with previous notice to the above-named owners and parties in interest or their agents or attorneys. At the hearing, the Answer, if any, filed by the owners and parties in interest were carefully analyzed and considered by the undersigned. In addition to other evidence presented, the undersigned personally inspected the property described above, and such inspection and examination has been considered, along with the other evidence offered at this hearing.

Upon the record and all of the evidence offered and contentions made, the undersigned Housing Inspector does hereby find the following facts:

1. The above-named owners and parties in interest with respect to the property located at the place specified above were duly served as required by law with written Complaint and Notice of Hearing which set forth the Complaint that the premises located at the above address is unfit for human habitation and in violation of the Town Minimum Housing Code, and the particulars thereof, and fixed a time and place for a hearing upon the Complaint as provided by law. At the hearing, the following owners, persons in interest or their agents or their agents or attorneys, were present and participated therein: Ben Kaufman

2. The premises described above violate the Town Minimum Housing Code, by reason of the conditions found to be present and to exist in and about the structure. Abandoned and Fire Damaged Dwelling.

3. Due to these conditions, the building and/or premises described above is found to be in condition within the meaning of the Town Minimum Housing Code, so as to be unfit for human habitation;

IT IS THEREFORE ORDERED that the owners of the property above are required to bring such property into compliance with the Minimum Housing Code by repairing, altering, improving or vacating and demolishing the dilapidated structure and cleaning up the premises by a date not later than the 30th day of June 2022.

THIS the 25th day of March 2022

John E. Ganus, CZO, CHCO
Town of Troutman
Code Administrator/Housing Inspector
Mobile: 704-920-0703


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