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The Statesville Walmart has awarded a $500 grant to Iredell Adult Day Services. The nonprofit will use the funds for occasional field trips, such as visiting Iredell Council on Aging so clients can socialize with their peers, participate in games and exercise classes.

Iredell Adult Day Services is a community nonprofit providing care for adults who are not capable of staying by themselves during the day. IADS offers its clients breakfast and lunch, along with a snack, physical exercise, games, and social interaction.

The organization’s goal is to keep adults who need supervision and assistance as independent and active as possible.


If you have a loved one who could benefit from IADS services, call 704-873-0720.

1 thought on “Walmart Foundation awards grant to Iredell Adult Day Services

  1. Tammie Money says:

    Iredell Adult Day Services is an awesome place to spend the day. They have so much fun here!

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