Iredell-Statesville Schools Board of Education Chairman Bill Howell announced Monday night that he will make a motion during the October 9 board meeting to strip Vice Chairman Mike Kubiniec of his leadersip position on the board.

Mike Kubiniec

The chairman will also ask the board to vote to censure Kubiniec.

During Monday night’s Committee of the Whole meeting, Howell made his intentions clear, but he offered few details publicly about what Kubiniec had done to warrant those sanctions.

“Board members, this is not something I’m looking forward to, but it’s something that needs to be done,” the chairman said. “Mr. Kubiniec, I am advising you that next week at the board meeting I will be making a motion to have you removed from vice chairman.”

“At that time, if I get a second, there will be room for discussion — you will certainly have time to speak. Also, after speaking to some of the board members, I’m going to make a motion to censure you,” Howell added.

Censure is an expression of formal disapproval of a public official’s conduct.

In an interview with Iredell Free News, Howell explained that the board does not have the power to remove Kubiniec from office.

Kubiniec will have the opportunity to challenge the motions.

Howell will provide evidence of what the vice chair has done to warrant the sanctions. The chairman said he has proof, but the evidence will likely be presented in closed session because it requires identifying specific personnel.

“He’s turned this community upside down. He has created friction. He has taken the philosophy of one group and tried to impose it on the entire board, in my opinion,” Howell said in an interview.

“We are elected to represent the entire county. There are different philosophies in this county,” he added.

Howell handed out a sheet of paper (that was not read during the meeting). Entitled “Potential for Censure Consideration,” it outlined the rationale for sanctioning the vice chair:

♦ Bringing a non-school visitor for a visit to a school without prior permission or notice on more than one occasion. Not requiring the visitor to sign in upon arrival at the school.
♦ Not providing an inviting environment for staff and students.
♦ Working against the Superintendent and the Board in policy decisions regarding students.
♦ Making multiple requests from employees without the full approval of the Board. Treating employees as though they report to you and monopolizing employees’ time, which takes away from their normal duties.
♦ Not following process and procedures for school district operations.
♦ Breaking school board policies by sending out a survey on I-SS email.

Howell told Iredell Free News that he had personally tried to counsel Kubiniec. The vice chair ignored him, Howell said.

According to Howell, Kubiniec recently walked into a central office employee’s office and said the employee was not doing his or her job.

“I’ve lost sleep over this decision. Some other board members came to me and said we need to do something,” Howell said.

According to Howell, if the board chooses to remove Kubiniec from his leadership post, the board would immediately begin the process of selecting a new vice chairman.

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