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The Iredell County Sheriff’s Office held its Annual Employee Appreciation & Awards Dinner on Thursday, December 14.

More than 450 deputies, detention officers, family members and honored guests attended the event. Sheriff Darren Campbell presented 17 awards of recognition and 16 higher education certifications to ICSO personnel.

♦ Deputy William Daniels from the Detention Center, Administrative Assistant Crystal Hicks, Sergeant Patrick Irwin, Telecommunicator Kelly Simpson were all awarded the Individual Commendation Award.

♦  The Unit Commendation Award was presented to the School Resource Officers.

♦ Deputy Jonathon Garcia, Deputy Madison Sharpe, Deputy Anthony Oxendine, Deputy Ethan Johnson, Deputy Nathaniel Mosteller, Sergeant Scottie Richardson, and Lieutenant Brandon Robinson were awarded the Life-Saving Award for the selfless act of saving another human life.

♦ Deputy Jonathon Garcia and Sergeant Nathaniel Hodges were awarded the Valor Award for distinguishing extraordinary heroism in an extremely dangerous situation.

♦ Deputy Mark Calabrese was awarded the Merit Award.

♦ Deputy Brandon Best received the Award of Distinction.

♦ Deputy Jonah Wood was awarded the Bill Wood Award. This award is presented in honor of Sergeant Bill Wood, who worked for the Sheriff’s Office, and given to an officer who demonstrates a high standard of integrity by leading through example and maintains high professional standards; communicates and conducts themselves in a manner that is respectful and honest; willing to go above and beyond to assist others; and overall, possess good leadership skills and shine positively on those around them.

♦ Advanced Training Certificates for the North Carolina Sheriff’s Education and Standards Commission is a great achievement in law enforcement and recognizes years of service and training for each Deputy. Advanced Certificates were given to Lieutenant Chase Little, Lieutenant Joseph Prevette, Sergeant Patrick Irwin, Detective Cheryl Nielsen, Deputy Antonio Lawrence, and Deputy Luke Davis.

♦ Intermediate Certifications were given to Captain Jeremy Younts, Sergeant Leo Hayes, Detective Christopher Pitts, Detective Heather Little, Detective Caleb Rogers, Deputy Kris Robbins, Deputy Jason Kohnstamm, Deputy Erin Settle, Deputy Jacob Lemley, and Deputy Benjamin Padilla.

Individual Commendation Detention Award – Deputy William Daniels

Individual Commendation Civilian Award – Crystal Hicks

Individual Commendation Enforcement Award – Sergeant Patrick Irwin

Individual Commendation Telecommunicator Award – Kelly Simpson

Unit Commendation Award – School Resource Officers

Life-Saving Award and Valor Award – Deputy Jonathon Garcia

Life-Saving Award – Deputy Madison Sharpe

Life-Saving Award – Deputy Anthony Oxendine

Life-Saving Award – Deputy Ethan Johnson

Valor Award – Sergeant Nathaniel Hodges

Merit Award – Deputy Mark Calabrese

Award of Distinction – Deputy Brandon Best

Bill Wood Award – Deputy Jonah Wood

Advance Certificate – Lieutenant Chase Little

Advance Certificate – Sergeant Patrick Irwin

Intermediate Certificate – Detective Heather Little

Intermediate Certificate – Detective Caleb Rogers

Intermediate Certificate – Deputy Kris Robbins

Intermediate Certificate – Deputy Benjamin Padilla

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