The Iredell County Board of Commissioners is expected to vote on Tuesday on proposed changes to the Land Development Code that will impose restrictions on short-term rental properties.

County staff proposed the new regulations after commissioners and administrators received numerous complaints from permanent residents about the noise and traffic associated with these properties, many of which are located around Lake Norman.

Commissioners delayed a vote on the proposal earlier this month after representatives of several short-term rental agencies questioned the need for the regulations and said they had legal concerns about the proposal.

During a short discussion of the proposal during the commissioners’ workshop meeting on Friday, County Attorney Lisa Valdez and Planning Director Matthew Todd suggested a few minor changes to the proposal:

♦ Any property owner whose permit was revoked for repeated violations would have to wait one year before applying for a new permit;

♦ Planning and zoning staff would have up to 30 days to notify property owners of violations of the Land Development Code; and

♦ Children under age 3 would not count toward the maximum occupancy rate for short-term rentals, which would be two people per bedroom plus two additional people.

While limiting the maximum occupancy — and making it a violation to have large events in short-term rentals — will seemingly address noise and traffic concerns raised by neighbors, commissioners also believe it will help protect Lake Norman. 

“Our job is to protect the lake and the neighbors that have been there forever,” Commissioner Scottie Brown said during Friday’s meeting. “That’s what we’re doing.”

Commissioner Brad Stroud suggested that the maximum occupancy for a particular dwelling could be raised based on the capacity of that property’s septic system. For example, if a three-bedroom home had a septic system designed for a six-bedroom home, more guests could be allowed to stay there.

If approved by commissioners, the new regulations would require property owners who list their property for short-term rentals to get a permit from the county and follow numerous rules. Learn more HERE.

Property owners will be subjected to fees and loss of their permit for repeated violations.

County officials again stressed the importance of property owners and management companies self-policing their properties to ensure guests comply with the proposed regulations.

“We’re dealing with this at this point because the property owners have not,” Commissioner Gene Houpe said.

The planning and zoning department will not be staffed 24/7 to handle complaints, County Manager Beth Mull stressed, and the Sheriff’s Office is not responsible for zoning enforcement.

Commissioners agreed the proposal is not perfect and they anticipate it will be amended over time.

“I don’t think either side is going to be absolutely happy with what we do,” Commissioner Brad Stroud said.

Meeting Info

The Iredell County Board of Commissioners meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. on Tuesday, October 17, in the Iredell County Government Center, located at 200 S Center Street in Statesville.


Iredell commissioners considering proposal to impose restrictions on short-term property rentals

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