Mooresville commissioners on Monday approved a rezoning request for the site of the Nelson Royal’s store at 193 E. Plaza Drive.

David Combs asked the Town Board to rezone the 6.951-acre tract as Conditional Zoning Community Commercial. The property was previously zoned Community Commercial in the front along E. Plaza Drive and Residential Limited Service in the rear.

Combs, who told commissioners he did not have a development plan for the property, is seeking to subdivide the property, which was not allowed due to the split zoning. Although a sale of Nelson Royal’s is not imminent, Combs said he has been approached about selling the store and that dividing the property was a necessary precursor to any transaction.

The first lot would contain the retail store, while the larger second lot could be developable in the future under the agreed-upon conditions.

As a condition of the rezoning request, Combs agreed that the following uses would be prohibited on the property: food truck court, nightclub, sexually oriented business, vehicle wash, mini-warehouse, self-service storage, tattoo and body piercing establishment, boat or RV storage yard, and Vape/CBD/Tobacco sales.

Commissioners voted 4-1 to approve the rezoning with Mayor Pro Tem Lisa Qualls dissenting.


In other business, commissioners:

♦ Approved an amendment to Sec. 8-140 of the Code of Ordinances related to the possession of firearms and other weapons in town cemeteries, allowing management to allow exceptions “as part of any military funeral honors or other approved commemorative event” to a prohibition of weapons within an town cemetery. Under the existing ordinance, no persons except duly authorized local, state or federal law enforcement officers or active members of the armed forces, shall carry, possess, or discharge any type of firearm, handgun, explosive device, air gun of any kind (such as, and without limitation, BB guns, paintball guns, pellet guns, airsoft guns, or such weapons or instrument that operated by ejecting or releasing any kind of projectile), knife, razor, or deadly weapon as defined in North Carolina general Statutes, within any Town cemetery.

♦ Approved a request from Finance to approve an amendment to appropriate reserve in the amount of $425,000 from the General Fund and transfer to General Capital Investments Fund for the purpose of purchasing 10 vehicles for the newly established Building Inspections Department.

♦ Approved a request from Finance to approve an amendment to appropriate retained earnings from the Utility Fund in the amount of $3,983,472 and add miscellaneous revenue and interest on investment from Utility Project Ordinance Fund for a total amount of $4,376,294 for the Mill Village Water/Sewer Upgrades Phase II Project Ordinance

♦ Approved a request from Fire-Rescue for permission to apply for an Assistance to Firefighter’s Grant (AFG). If approved the funds will be used to purchase portable radios and a compressor for self-contained breathing apparatus in the amount of $649,000. The grant will require a 2% match to the grant writer only if awarded or partially awarded.

♦ Approved a Resolution authorizing participation and execution of additional opioid settlements and approving the supplemental agreement for additional funds between the State of North Carolina and local governments for proceeds relating to the settlement of opioid litigation. The Town Board previously adopted a Resolution supporting the Memorandum of Agreement between the State of North Carolina and participating municipalities, including Iredell County, that would help maximize the proceeds received by the County and State, and participation by the Town in the national settlements will also help maximize the settlement benefits received. The Town will not receive any settlement funds directly as a result of participating, but participation will help increase the settlement funds received locally to help support treatment, recovery, and other life-saving programs and services related to the opioid epidemic.

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