The N.C. Department of Public Instruction released the latest school performance grades for all public schools on Wednesday.

The A-F school performance grades that schools received in 2022-2023 were affected by the formula used to determine those grades because student performance on the state tests far outweighs the credit schools earn for the progress students make on the same tests from one year to the next. Eighty percent of the grade is for the percentage of tests earning a score of at least grade-level proficient; 20 percent is for growth, measured by a statistical model that compares each student’s predicted test score, based on past performance, against his or her actual result.

A total of five schools earned the top grade (A) and three schools earned the lowest grade (F). Also are included in parenthesis is an indication if the school met, did not meet or exceeded DPI’s student growth goals.)

Here are the grades for Iredell-Statesville Schools, the Mooresville Graded School District and local charter schools:

Iredell-Statesville Schools

Agriculture and Science Early College – A (Met Growth)
♦ Career Academy and Technical School – D (N/A)
♦ Celeste Henkel Elementary – C (Not Met)
♦ Central Elementary Southwest – C (Not Met)
♦ Coddle Creek Elementary – B (Met Growth)
♦ Cloverleaf Elementary – D (Met Growth)
Collaborative College for Technology – A (Exceeded Growth)
♦ Cool Spring Elementary – B (Met Growth)
♦ Discovery Program at The Springs – ALT (N/A)
♦ East Iredell Elementary – D (Not Met)
East Iredell Middle – F (Not Met)
♦ Harmony Elementary – C (Met Growth)
♦ ISS Virtual Academy – C (Not Met)
♦ Lake Norman High – B (Met Growth)
♦ Lake Norman Elementary – B (Not Met)
♦ Lakeshore Elementary – C (Not Met)
♦ Lakeshore Middle – C (Not Met)
The Brawley School – A (Met Growth)
♦ N B Mills Elementary – F (Not Met)
♦ North Iredell High – C (Met Growth)
♦ Oakwood Middle IB School – B (Met Growth)
♦ Scotts Elementary – C (Met Growth)
♦ North Iredell Middle – D (Not Met)
♦ Northview Academy – ALT (N/A)
♦ Third Creek Middle – F (Not Met)
♦ Statesville High – D (Not Met)
Crossroads Arts Sciences Early College – A (Exceeded Growth)
♦ Sharon Elementary – B (Met Growth)
♦ Shepherd Elementary – C (Not Met)
♦ South Iredell High – C (Not Met)
♦ Third Creek Elementary – D (Met Growth)
♦ Troutman Elementary – C (Met Growth)
♦ Troutman Middle – D (Not Met)
♦ Union Grove Elementary – C (Met Growth)
♦ West Iredell High – D (Not Met)
♦ West Iredell Middle – D (Not Met)
♦ Woodland Heights Elementary – B (Met Growth)
♦ Woodland Heights Middle – B (Exceeded Growth)

Mooresville Graded School District

♦ East Mooresville Intermediate – B (Exceeded Growth)
♦ NF Woods Campus Southwest – I (N/A0
♦ Mooresville Intermediate – C (Not Met)
♦ Mooresville Middle – D (Not Met)
♦ Mooresville High – B (Met Growth)
♦ Park View Elementary – C (Met Growth)
♦ Rocky River Elementary – B (Met Growth)
♦ South Elementary – B (Met Growth)

Local Charter Schools

♦ American Renaissance School – D (Not Met)
♦ Success Institute Charter – D (Exceeded Growth)
Pine Lake Preparatory – A (Exceeded Growth)
♦ Langtree Charter Academy – B (Met Growth)
♦ Iredell Charter Academy – C (Not Met)

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