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RALEIGH — The N.C. Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) has announced the second cohort of educators from across the state who will help create a more resilient, tech-savvy future for North Carolina schools.

These 510 educators have completed 40 hours of professional development provided by Rethink Education, an initiative of the Office of Virtual Instruction Support Services at NCDPI. This professional development equips educators to become experts in the new statewide blended learning models, which combine in-person and online instruction, as well as trainers and leaders in their communities.

A dozen of the educators who work in public schools across Iredell County are participating: 

Iredell-Statesville Schools
♦ Kim Busch
♦ Kelly Cannon
♦ Cortney Frasier
♦ Stephanie Harris
♦ Denise Lampe
♦ Morgan Stallings
♦ Ellen Wood

Iredell Charter Academy
♦ Kara Oddy
♦ Onecia Westmoreland

Mooresville Graded School District
♦ Hollis Baker
♦ Quinetta Hall Pratt

Pine Lake Preparatory
♦ Jeff Burr

Rethink Education partners with North Carolina districts and schools to improve blended and virtual learning, access and content for students in grades K-8. Eighty-one school districts, 41 charter schools, and one lab school are part of the Rethink Education initiative.

“This dedicated group of educators will lead the way to ensure that our students are fully prepared to succeed in a collaborative, digital and agile future work environment,” says Catherine Truitt, North Carolina Superintendent of Public Instruction. “By integrating technology into the classroom these educators can give students more ownership over how, when and where they learn — teaching critical academic and career skills.”

Educators who are adept with blended learning models can increase student engagement during class time, empower students to own their learning, instill positive behavior and social skills. With this training, educators also gain valuable skills needed to be very efficient with how they use time in and out of the classroom.

“Blended learning models enable educators to bring out the best in every student,” says Melissa Davis, NCDPI’s director of Rethink Education. “With blended learning, educators can also more easily pivot instruction, whether because of potential health, safety or weather disruptions, so students have a seamless school experience wherever they are learning.”

This cohort includes teachers, administrators, curriculum coaches, media specialists, district leaders, and other certified staff. 


Learn more about Rethink Education, Rethink Education: Supporting a Resilient Future for North Carolina Schools