Northview Academy transformed into a science museum Thursday night as parents and students enjoyed an evening of science interaction.

Students sat in awe and wonder as the dome created instant darkness. Then, as they looked up, they could see the stars and constellations as if they were outside. A series of images showcased the planets, stars and even animals that star patterns can create.

The school’s first Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics family night attracted a crowd of nearly 200.

Principal Eric Babbitt said the STEAM Night showcased how diverse and interesting the fields of study can be.

“We are able to expose them to all sorts of stuff. The planetarium exposed our students to things they wouldn’t normally see. The Virtual Reality headsets let them test out different occupations and experiences,” he explained.

Babbitt tested out the VR headsets to see what it was like working as an electrician. Nearby, students tested out roles as auto mechanic and other professions.

Some of the outdoor activities included making miniature rockets or tasting various foods that had different acidities, making pinwheels and playing pickleball. 

While academics were a theme, Thursday was also an opportunity for families to talk with teachers one-on-one and bond as a school family.

A teen student, who admits to struggling with substance abuse and lost their mom at a young age, met up with favorite teachers. The student’s family used the moment to personally thank the teachers and counselors for their unwavering support.

They shared what a difference the school has had on their teen, calling it a “180 transformation.”

Four small, but robust food truck options were set up on campus. From pizza to chicken and waffles, BBQ and Brewster’s Ice Cream, the independent food truck kitchens served up made-to-order meals and cold treats. 

The event was made possible through a grant.

Northview Academy is Iredell-Statesville Schools’ alternative and nontraditional school that serves students in grades K-12.

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