Pack 173’s Wolf Den scouts pose for a photo with Mount Mourne firefighters.

Special to Iredell Free News

In a heartwarming display of appreciation for local heroes, the young scouts in Pack 173’s Wolf Den in Mount Mourne recently visited the Mount Mourne Fire Department. With a strong desire to learn about community helpers, these scouts found a meaningful way to express their gratitude while gaining valuable insights into the pivotal role these heroes play.

The scouts, led by their den leader Amanda, eagerly sought to understand the daily sacrifices and extraordinary efforts made by those who serve the community selflessly. The visit was not just an educational experience but also a gesture to extend their gratitude to the real-life heroes at the fire department.

During their visit, the scouts learned about fire safety protocols, witnessed the life-saving equipment used by firefighters, and gained a deeper appreciation for the dedication of these local heroes.

“We wanted to thank our community helpers and understand the hard work they do every day,” expressed one of the scouts, Jace Fortier. “Visiting the Mount Mourne Fire Department was amazing. They showed us how they help keep us safe, and we’re so grateful for everything they do.”

The Mount Mourne Fire Department personnel warmly welcomed the scouts, sharing their experiences and insights with patience and enthusiasm.

“It’s heartwarming to see young minds eager to learn about what we do,” said a member of the department. “Their gratitude fuels our commitment to serve and protect our community.”

For Pack 173, this visit was not just an educational outing but a chance to reinforce the values of gratitude, community service, and the significance of acknowledging the unsung heroes within our neighborhoods.

The Mount Mourne Fire Department expressed their gratitude for the scouts’ visit, emphasizing the importance of such interactions in fostering a strong bond between the community and its dedicated helpers. In the spirit of gratitude and learning, Pack 173’s Wolf Den exemplified the true essence of scouting—instilling values, fostering connections, and honoring those who serve the community tirelessly.