Special to Iredell Free News

Beginning September 5, Iredell County Building Standards will no longer be responsible for administering and enforcing the North Carolina State Building Codes within the Town of Mooresville and its extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ).

Stating its intention to provide a reasonable level of safety, public health, and general welfare via plan review, issuance of permits and inspections, the Town of Mooresville Building Permitting & Inspections Department will begin those responsibilities on September 5.

The Town of Mooresville Building Permitting & Inspections Department will launch in September for residents to submit plans, process permits, and schedule inspections within the town limits and ETJ.

Property owners in the town and the ETJ will no longer have to make online applications to both jurisdictions.

The Town of Mooresville Building Permitting & Inspections Department will be located in the One Mooresville Center at 750 W. Iredell Avenue. The OMC will become a one-stop shop for residents and contractors with Planning & Community Development, Building Permitting & Inspections Department, and the Mooresville Fire Marshal’s Office that will all be housed within the facility.

The Building Permitting & Inspections software will integrate with other town departments that share jurisdiction in the review, permitting and inspection process.


In order to maintain continuity of service, permits issued by Iredell County will remain the jurisdiction of Iredell County to enforce and conduct inspections thru project completion. Iredell County Building Standards will continue to issue construction and trade permits until close of business on September 1.

While Iredell County will continue to process permits within the Town and ETJ until September 1, applicants must still obtain Town of Mooresville zoning approval to apply within that time frame and obtain a building permit with Iredell County. Permit applications to Iredell County that have not received authorization from the town to apply for a building permit (zoning approval) prior to September 1, will be denied a permit by Iredell County.

Applicants with projects in the Town of Mooresville and its ETJ that require Erosion Control, Onsite Water (well/ septic), or Food & Lodging review, approval, permitting and inspection must continue to make separate application to Iredell County following the September 5 transition.


For more information, visit MooresvilleNC.gov